Sustainable Technologies and Services for Adaptation to Climate Change in Flood- and Drought-Endangered Settlement Areas in Ghana

Ghana, like the entire African continent, is affected by climate change. Temperatures in Ghana are expected to continue rising in the future, rainfall in the rainy season and drought in the dry season will increase and cause socio-economic damage. Ghana in general, but especially the northern savannah region, is at high risk of flooding, drought and bush fires. The urban regions, including the capital Accra located in the south of the country, are increasingly affected by heavy rainfall.

Project Description

The guidelines and documents on adaptation to climate change published in recent years by the government of Ghana call for immediate action in view of the impending challenges. The RAIN joint research project aims to combine an early warning system with intelligent technical and organisational water management…


Project Structure

In the RAIN joint project, not only a water management and supply concept is being developed, but also a drought and flood early warning system with technical and organisational water management. By integrating a multi-stage treatment chain for surface water, irrigation methods and flood and dry periods…

Work Packages

The aim of this research project is to deploy sustainable and innovative technologies and services. On the one hand, this requires the research and collection of a large number of data, such as hydrological and meteorological data or historical data on floods and drought. Another important aspect is the selection…

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