Project Structure

In the RAIN joint project, not only a water management and supply concept is being developed, but also a drought and flood early warning system with technical and organisational water management. By integrating a multi-stage treatment chain for surface water, irrigation methods and flood and dry periods into a water management plan, vulnerability to the impacts of climate change will be reduced. In addition, selected population groups and decision-makers are shown the possibilities of sustainable water use through education and training, thus creating the basis for future-oriented management.

The knowledge gained will be processed in training courses for the stakeholders in order to expand the transfer of knowledge and the exchange of experience between the research institutions and the population beyond the region.

Project management

Dipl.-Ing. Manuel Krauß
Tel. +49 (0) 241 80 2 68 43

Further contact persons

Rona Michaelis, M.Sc.
Tel. +49 241 80 2 68 20