Cooperation with Ghanaian students: Dissertations and master theses on Ghanaian flood management, early warning systems and water management

The content of the BMBF-funded joint project RAIN will be the basis for six final theses, which will be worked on by Ghanaian students on dissertation and master thesis level. Supervising these theses are FiW and the Institute for Environmental and Sanitary Studies (IESS) of the University of Ghana (GU) in Accra. The two dissertations shall, among other things, contribute to a systematic overview of the available flood management. For this purpose, existing as well as missing early warning systems (experiences of Covid-19) and the information flow between population and organizations will be evaluated and water analyses of the natural rain retention areas in Accra will be carried out. In contrast, the master theses will evaluate the model-based integration of local measures in regional and national water management plans using WEAP and develop strategies for the prevention of environmental pollution in natural rainwater retention areas.

We are looking forward to the cooperation with the Ghanaian students.