Sustainable technologies and services for water and land management in Morocco (I-WALAMAR)


Because of its geographical location Ghana is strongly affected by climate change and is therefore highly vulnerable. Depending on the region, rain will decrease by around 10-20% in the coming years. Temperatures, in contrast, will increase by 2-3°C by 2060, 1,5-6°C by 2090 respectively, the inland being the region fastest affected. Extreme weather events…


Sustainable Technologies and Services for Water and Land Management in Morocco (I-WALAMAR) concentrates on the recycling of residues in agriculture. Agricultural material and sludge from municipal sewage treatment are analyzed. Residual materials which today lead to environmental pollution…

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The goal of the planned joint project I-WALAMAR is to develop and prepare innovative solutions in the partnering country Morocco for utilization of agricultural residues, the preservation of ecosystem services and the restauration of hardly cultivable or too strongly degraded soils. Apart from that the aim is to capture their potential…

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